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Virtual Private Network


Full Function Email Server

DNS and DHCP Server

Shared Internet Access for all users on the LAN

Remote Access Server

Easy Setup and Management

Widen your network to include branch offices, remote users and trusted clients.

Virtual Private Networking – NetLinker’s™ VPN functionality utilizes a combination of tunneling, encryption, authentication, and access control technologies and services to carry traffic over the Internet. This will enable your company to securely communicate to its branch offices, remote users and trusted clients by way of the Internet.

Protect valuable business resources from Internet Intruders

Firewall - provides firewall protection for all of the PCs within the network.   Private internal resources within the network are protected and hidden from outside intruders and hackers.

Eliminate the need to add expensive, additional softwares

Built-in Email server - enables businesses to create and manage e-mail accounts independently from the ISP without additional costs. Additionally, since the email server is a local mail server, employees in Co-workers can send email to each other over the LAN without incurring any connection costs to the Internet or delays in email delivery.

Shared Internet Access for Growing Businesses

Shared Internet access for all users on the LAN through DSL Link or multiple phone lines- with NetLinker connected to the LAN, all users can simultaneously access the Internet from any PC, MAC or Unix computer using any of the most popular Internet applications.

One IP address for the entire local  network - NetLinker supports Network Address Translation (NAT) technology, which allows users on the private network or an unregistered IP network to access the Internet with a registered, globally unique IP.   Businesses do not have to obtain or pay for a block of registered Internet IP addresses, which will save  time, effort and money.

DNS and DHCP Server
Domain Name Server (DNS) – an industry standard service that maps IP addresses to hostnames. Netlinker’s DNS service enables one to create and manage up to 254 subnets.

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Server – Netlinker’s built in DHCP Server is an industry standard protocol that dynamically assigns IP addresses to the computers on the network. If a DHCP Server is already present on your network, Netlinker has the flexibility to turn off its DHCP Server.

Save money and time

Easy setup and management - network configuration and management can be implemented easily through Web Browser from anywhere on the Internet or at the local LAN. NetLinker can be installed and confiugred during a coffee break with user-friendly instructions.

Allow remote dial-in user access to the office LAN

Remote Access Server allows  employees to dial in to the NetLinker to access data in the LAN from anywhere and anytime.


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