NetLinker is the Internet Connectivity Solution you’ve been waiting for

NetLinker is an all-in-one hardware and software solution to bring company networks on to the Internet, immediately.

NetLinker can be set up and working literally in minutes. It is a complete solution, incorporating firewall, VPN, router, and e-mail/remote access server in one box. You don’t have to open a client’s computer; you don’t have to change multiple settings or make any other changes to their LAN.

If you’re an experienced network VAR, you know what a breakthrough this product is.

If you primarily resell computers and software, here’s a chance to move into the fastest growing business segment in history -- without a big investment in money or time.

Dealing with DSL? NetLinker is perfectly suited to work with all flavors of xDSL, maximizing the performance of this popular new connection. NetLinker is a proven performer throughout the United States, working in PacBell, Ameritech, Bell Atlantic, GTE, UUNET, USWest and other service areas.

NetLinker manages all of the difficult parts of installation, and more importantly, it provides a single vendor solution if there is ever any need for support.

If you agree that time is money, NetLinker is your best solution.

Questions and Answers about this Opportunity

What is NetLinker?
NetLinker is a product that provides an all in one solution for growing businesses. With NetLinker connected to a client’s office LAN, all users can access the Internet over a single device; each user can use his own email address to send and receive mail; and remote users at home or in a hotel can dial-in to the NetLinker to access the resources on the office LAN. And they can do all this while maintain firewall protection.

What network operating systems and protocol does NetLinker support?
NetLinker supports all popular network operating systems, including Microsoft Windows NT, Win95, Win98, WFW, Novell NetWare 3.x and 4.x, UNIX, and MacOS in heterogeneous and mixed environments. NetLinker supports the TCP/IP protocol, which is the industry standard used by the Internet and Intranets.

How does NetLinker compare with other connectivity solutions on the market?
NetLinker is more complete than Netopia NVO, which doesn’t include an e-mail or access server or firewall. It’s far easier to implement than TeamInternet, and far less expensive. You may also be aware of InterJet, which lacks a firewall and has less connectivity options than NetLinker. There isn’t a more complete, easier to use solution on the market.

Who is the company behind NetLinker?
NetLinker is a company wholly focused on the NetLinker product. It isn’t part of a larger company, and there are no other products competing for the attention of NetLinker’s technical staff. NetLinker was established in 1994, and is located in Southern California. There are hundreds of NetLinker systems in operation today.

What can I tell clients about NetLinker’s track record?
NetLinker was developed for use in countries, and in companies with much lower levels of technical expertise. NetLinkers are in operation in many countries, where technical challenges are much greater than in North America, Europe, or other parts of Asia. That means it’s tough and reliable enough for any conditions you’re ever likely to encounter.
Naturally, the advantage of using a product designed for a more technically challenging environment is that it is over-engineered for use in any situation you are likely to encounter. NetLinker is a set-and-forget product, with high tolerance for power problems, inept handling and neglect.

Why should you become a NetLinker Qualified Reseller?
If you are a network consultant or are selling computer networking equipment and services to small business and education, then NetLinker is the perfect addition to what you offer your customers. The NetLinker Qualified Reseller Program is designed to make you more profitable and better able to lead your customers to satisfying their Internet needs.

Qualified Resellers receive:

NetLinker sales data sheet, priority for Technical Support, lead referrals, and best of all, increased revenue from selling our solutions.

Special assistance for VARs: promotional opportunities, design and installation tips, and shared information will be provided in an area of our web site accessible only to our Qualified Resellers.

We offer excellent gross margins, but best of all, we offer peace of mind. NetLinker is a set-it-and forget-it installation. That means your free time is not going to be interrupted by calls forcing you to deal with ‘he said, she said’ multi-vendor problems.

And another benefit: our Qualified Resellers tell us that installing NetLinker in new accounts is a great door-opener to sell other LAN products and services.

To become a NetLinker Qualified Reseller, we simply ask that you provide us with: Completed Application. Purchase of a resellable NetLinker unit for evaluation -- with a special sign-up discount. Commitment to complete a short orientation class. Commitment to follow up on all furnished sales leads within a reasonable time. Provide us with feedback on our products, services, and leads we supply you.

When you are ready to sell NetLinker, simply fill out our on-line application form, or call 1-626-458-9996, or e-mail NetLinker at


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