Application: Virtual Private Network
Companies with Branch Offices, Remote Users, and Trusted Clients

A VPN allows you to widen your network scope to include branch offices, remote users, and trusted clients. Traditionally the cost of creating such a network was very high due to the need to install expensive leased lines, hardware and software. The advent of VPNs has drastically lowered these costs as VPNs are able to leverage the far-reaching and public Internet infrastructure in order to communicate between remote sites. Netlinker’s VPN provides both the LAN-to-LAN VPNs(Figure 1) and the LAN to Remote User VPNs (Figure 2).

Branch Office VPN Connection

Netlinker allows you to securely connect one or several branch offices together in order to create a single Wide Area Network (WAN). There is no need to pay for expensive long distance services or leased line prices as Netlinker utilized the Internet to communicate between your sites. Additionally, expensive installation and maintenance bills no longer restrict you as Netlinker’s browser-based user interface provides a simple setup and management tool.

VPN-branch.gif (7339 bytes)

Figure 1 - LAN-to LAN VPNs

Remote Client VPN Connection

If your company requires its roving sales team or telecommuters to connect to the company network, Netlinker is capable of providing these remote users secure access via public Internet lines to the corporate network. The remote client can simple dial a local ISP (local phone number) and initiate a VPN session with the company LAN. The remote client has access to all of their files and operates as though they are sitting in their office at corporate headquarters. No need to install special client software as Netlinker utilizes Microsoft’s free PPTP (point-to-point tunneling protocol) adapter in order to connect the remote user. Management is a breeze through Netlinker’s browser-based user interface as remote users can be added, deleted, and monitored with ease.

Figure 2 - LAN-Remote User VPNs

Secure and seamless integration of your company’s satellite offices and remote users are now possible through Netlinker’s VPN functionality. In addition, Netlinker also provides fully functional e-mail services, Firewall, NAT, RAS, DNS, and DHCP Server.


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