NetLinker brings a plug-and-play Internet solution to small and mid-sized businesses (SMB). It is compatible with a variety of customized network configurations and environments. Literally speaking, Netlinker allows businesses to bring an ISP into their work settings.

With NetLinker, users can access  data from the Internet or Intranet, anywhere and any time. NetLinker offers an all-in-one Internet solution with the functions of a router, an email server, a VPN, a firewall, and an access server.

NetLinker, an all-in-one Internet solution device, will eliminate the high cost of the Internet hardware installation, software setup and daily maintenance. A typical Internet solution usually includes 5 – 10 hardware and software vendors. There is no easy way to put an internet system together and keep it trouble-free without expensive technical expertise. NetLinker eliminates all extra costs by creating one device equipped with all internet access functions, using state-of-the-art networking technology.

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Air Sea Transport, Inc.

ForComTech, Corp

Poojas USA Import & Export

TC Securities Corp.

AA Bank

EC & CM Real-estate Management

XinMin Evening Dialy

AAC Call Center

Government, Hospital

ELA Regional Center

LASIK Center